Typesetting and other prepress services

I specialise in linguistic/language texts (for which my background in linguistics is helpful) but I will set any other type of text as well. Any one stage in a text's road to publication can be handled -- copy-editing, typesetting, indexing, etc. -- but all these can be combined in one package too. For several of the titles linked below I did the copy-editing and the typesetting, in some cases the indexing, too.

When setting type, special sorts are based as much as possible on the typeface of the main text using a professional font editor (FontLab Studio), so that if a text is to be set in Garamond, you get Garamond phonetic characters and other special sorts. Elements such as glossed example sentences, syntactic trees, and HPSG-type structures are all handled. Type is set using the latest version of Adobe InDesign.

Customers include Oxford University Press, Wiley-Blackwell, John Benjamins, Liverpool University Press, Mouton de Gruyter, and many individuals, usually linguists who use grants to pay my fees.


Here are selected links to work done. The numbers following the titles indicate the type of work (1 = copy-edit; 2 = setting; 3 = index(es).

Oxford University Press

Geoffry Hill, Broken Hierarchies: Poems 1952-2012 (2)

The Survey of Pidgin and Creole Languages (1,2)

Thomas Hobbes: Leviathan (2)

On Language, Theology, and Utopia (1,2)

The Curzon Gospel (1,2)

The Phonology of Mongolian (2)

The Phonology of Danish (2)

The Oxford Handbook of Computational Linguistics (2)

The Biolinguistic Enterprise (1)


The Handbook of Linguistics, 2nd Edition (3)

The Companion to Language Assessment (3)

The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics (3)

Taal en Taalwetenschap, second edition (1)

Principles of Linguistic Change, Volume III, Cognitive and Cultural Factors (3)

The Blackwell Companion to Syntax (1, in collaboration)

Taal en Taalwetenschap (first edition) (1)

John Benjamins

Rethinking Grammaticalization (2)

Crossing Borders in Community Interpreting (2)

ESP in European Higher Education (2)

Beyond Descriptive Translation Studies (2)

Suppletion in Verb Paradigms (2)

Mouton-de Gruyter

The Primer of Humor Research (1,2,3)

What makes Grammaticalization? (2)

The Mixed Language Debate (2,3)

Markedness and Language Change (2,3)

Grammatical Borrowing in Cross-Linguistic Perspective (2,3)

The Atlas of North American English (1)


Folia Linguistica and Folia Linguistica Historica (Mouton de Gruyter) (1,2)

Babel (John Benjamins) (2)

Romani Studies (1, 2) (Liverpool University Press)

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