Change custom text variables

The script displays which text variables (of the type Custom Text) have been defined in the active document and shows their contents. It can also be used to change the contents of any text variable. I use it in master documents for journals to change variables for volume and issue numbers, publication dates, etc.


The script displays the dialog shown here. The names of the text variables defined in the document are shown in the first column as field labels, their contents in the fields. You can prefix variable names with an underscore character to force them to appear at the top of the list. If a variable with the name Journal exists, its content is used for the dialog's title.


To change the contents of any variables, enter the new values in the text fields. When you're done, press OK.

Version history

11 February 2012: the fields are now in a scrollable panel, which is needed when a document contains more than 20 custom text variables.

17 July 2010: fixed problem with the display of long variable names.

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