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Spread rotation is buried rather deeply in the Pages fly-out and context menus, which makes it tedious to use. One solution is to make the spread-rotation commands more accessible (see Spread rotation), but if you have a document with dozens of spreads that need to be rotated, even the more easily accessible menu commands become a drag. Imagine a rotated table that carries on for 26 pages; you don't want to rotate those spreads one by one – let alone rotate them back later.

The script, linked below, rotates all document spreads that contain a text frame that's rotated. Later you can clear the rotation by running the script again. When you run the script it shows this window:

Rotate all spreads: script interface.

Click OK to rotate all spreads in the active document. If you want to rotate the rotated spreads back, run the scipt again.

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27 Mar. 2016: Posted.

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