Set/find a bookmark

You're working in a document and want to check something somewhere else in the document, then return to where you came from. You can do this with the scripts described here.

To set a quickmark somewhere, select an insertion point and run the quickmark_set.jsx script. When you want to return to this point later on, run the quickmark_goto.jsx script. That's all there's to it.

Ideally, the scripts are assigned to keyboard shortcuts in the Keyboard Shortcuts editor.

Note: The scripts use a text anchor (a.k.a. Hyperlink Destination), not a bookmark. An earlier version of the scripts did use a bookmark, but the trouble with bookmarks is that they appear in the bookmark table of contents when the document is exported to PDF. The anchor is named Quickmark.

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Show script (right click, Save Link/Target As to download)

Show script (right click, Save Link/Target As to download)

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