Manage missing glyphs (not for CS3)

For years, finding a solution to discovering missing glyphs – the dreaded pink boxes – in InDesign has eluded scripters. Until Pete Baumgartner came up with a solution that works very well. The script on this page uses Pete's solution but adds an interface which shows a document's missing glyphs in a window (rather than in the ESTK), and allows you to apply a font to the missing glyphs.

When run, the script shows a simple dialog:

Missing glyphs dialog

To display any missing glyphs, just press Enter; the glyphs are shown in a new dialog:

Missing glyphs displayed

Missing glyphs are shown by font, so a glyph can be listed more than once.

To apply a font to all the document's missing glyphs, run the script again, select a font name in the dropdown and press OK.

Version history

2 July 2017: Removed some version-specific code.

3 February 2013: the script crashed when it tried to process uninstalled fonts or illegal font style names. Fixed.

10 August 2012: the script cannot be used in CS3, and now announces that rather than crash; better display when no missing glyphs are found.

8 August 2012: posted.

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