InDesign: JavaScript and GREP links and other useful resources

The list here contains some sites that are useful resources for GREP and scripting. The entries appear in no particular order.

Stefano Bernardi produced a very useful list of scripts at

– Grant Gamble wrote InDesign CS5 Automation Using XML & JavaScript, which is a good guide to JavaScript and especially to scripting XML. It also has a good primer on XSLT.

– Harbs has a number of scripts free of charge, in addition to his well-known plugins and suites.

– Stijn Debrouwere's Extendables library is an interesting extension of ExtendScript's (JavaScript) object model.

– Adobe's scripting forum is one of the best places to get help on scripting matters. This is also a good place to turn to when you need help on GREP matters, though for GREP queries you could also go to Adobe's InDesign forum.

– Jongware created an excellent alternative to the ESTK's object-model browser. Gregor Fellenz maintains a similar one.

– Gregor Fellenz has written a book, InDesign automatisieren: Keine Angst vor Skripting, GREP & Co, available in print and as an EPub (now in a 2nd edn) (see the title's dedicated site). The book is in German, but the site has an English section on very useful JavaScript tools. This original book introduces JavaScript and GREP, showing how the combination of the two makes for a powerful tool for typesetters and graphic artists alike.

– Laurent Tournier has a site dedicated to GREP here. His blog (in French) contains a section on scripts as well. You'll find amazing examples of GREP styles on his site. Laurent wrote an excellent book: Grep et InDesign CS3/CS4: Rechercher, remplacer et formater en un clic.

– Marc Autret has two sites, one is a repository with scripts (mainly in French), the other is a more blog-like site (in English). Fabulous scripts there.

- Within that second list, Marc has a separate list with script and GREP resources.

– Kasyan Servetsky's site provides lots of his useful scripts. Kasyan also has a list which presents various scripts (not just his own) by category.

- is a bilingual (French and English) repository for most aspects of automation of InDesign, PhotoShop, Illustrator, and Acrobat, using any of the three programming languages and Actions where they apply. The site appears to lean towards JavaScript and Indesign, but that's bound to change.

– Loïc Aigon's blog covers InDesign, Illustrator, PhotoShop, and Acrobat; his InDesign archive is here.

- Marijan Tompa (aka Tomaxxi) maintained a blog with many interesting and useful scripts and snippets.

"milligram"'s collection is commented in Japanese but there's a translator on his site.

- Pat's Place is an infrequently updated blog dealing with JavaScript. Several advanced topics, all interesting.

- Harbs's website offers mainly paid-for plugins and scripts, but he has some free goodies as well. This is one of the sites to turn to when you need a script written for you.

– Rorohiko has a nice on-line GREP tutor (English). They also do the APID developer kit, a powerful tool for developing scripted plugins.

– Gerald Singelmann's bilingual site has two sections with scripts: in German and in English. Gerald also published an excellent InDesign/JavaScript video course. This course is aimed at beginners who don't know and don't necessarily want to know about programming but who instead wish to learn how to script Indesign. A nice hands-on approach.

– (The late) Teus de Jong's site has several interesting scripts. His fabulous object browser, indispensible years ago when there wasn't much accessible documentation around on Indesign's object model, still holds its ground against the ESTK's latest object-model viewers. is an excellent site with scripting examples, tutorials, and its own forum dedicated to JavaScript. The site has a good collection of links. is a general InDesign forum, but there are many queries and solutions involving GREP. This is the forum to head for with your German GREP queries -- though speakers of English too are most welcome there. also has a special section for scripting (Skriptwerkstatt, 'script workshop'). Like the general forum, this one is conducted in German but most people there are happy to answer English questions.

– Dave Saunders's general site and his blog have good information. The blog hasn't been updated for a while but the material there is still useful. has a section on scripting and a separate section on GREP. There's also a forum.

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