Create kerning report

If you have a document with lots of manually kerned character pairs you might want to have a report of those pairs. The script described on this page does that: it reports the manually kerned characters pairs in the active document, their kerning value, the applied font family and the font style of both characters. Here's an example:

-	w	-20	 Minion Pro	Regular	 Regular
-	w	-20	 Minion Pro	Semibold Semibold
-	T	-100 Minion Pro	Italic	 Regular
d	)	100	 Minion Pro	Italic	 Regular
f	)	180	 Minion Pro	Italic	 Regular
Special characters are printed using their names (DOUBLE_LEFT_QUOTE, EN_DASH, etc.), the normal space character is printed as SPACE. Letters with All Caps applied are shown as capitals, and letters with Small Caps or All Small Caps applied are shown as they are (upper or lower case) with (sc) appended.


Open a document and run the script. The report will be created in a new document.

The script creates a copy of the current document and works with that. That copy is stored in the document's folder, using the document's name followed by ___kcopy_1. If a file exists with that name, the script keeps incrementing the number until it finds a non-existent name. After the script has finished, the copy is still on disk: you need to delete it yourself.

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1 Oct. 2011: Posted.

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