Word division

Several scripts on this page to deal with word division. In InDesign this is called hyphenation, which is strictly speaking not correct: hyphenation refers to combining two words with a hyphen, as in first-generation issues. Breaking words at the end of a line is called word division. But to avoid confusion I'll use InDesign's hyphenation when what we really mean is division.

Collect hyphenated words

The script collects the hyphenated words in a document and lists them in a new document or in a list on screen. The breakpoints determined by InDesign are indicated.

Apply corrections

This one runs in conjunction with the previous one to apply to the document or to the exception dictionary and changes you make in the collected words.

Show how InDesign hyphenates word

The script breaks all words in a list using InDesign's rules. With nothing selected, you type a word in a dialog and the script shows how InDesign would break that word.

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