Run multiple GREP queries

Some replacement tasks cannot be handled by a single Find/Change operation. It's not really possible, for example, to add thousands separators to numbers with a single replacement operation. Instead, you need three queries for that.

Unfortunately, InDesign doesn't let you chain queries into a single action. The script on this page does let you do that. When you run the script, all GREP queries from InDesign's and the user's folders are displayed in a list.

Run GREP queries

Select the queries you want to run and click Run or press Enter/Return to execute the selected queries one after another.

Note: The selected queries are executed in the order you see in the list. If you want to change the order of execution you'll have to change the names of the queries.

For a more elaborate script to run and manage queries, see the GREP query manager script.

Version history

16 Sept. 2015: Posted.

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