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Proof corrections sometimes come in a separate file with instructions such as "Line 12 from the top: change x to y" and "8th line up from the end of the second full paragraph: p should read q". If you have more than a handful of such corrections you waste a lot of time counting lines on your screen. The script on this page makes finding those lines a little bit easier.


Click somewhere in the text frame in which you want to select a line and run the script. It shows this panel:

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Enter a number at the Go to line prompt, then click one of the four buttons; the labels are self-explanatory.

The script is a panel, so it will stay on your screen. You can move it out of the way or to another screen. Close it by pressing the Close button in the panel's frame.

Version history

16 May 2012: Fixed some memory issues.

18 September 2011: "Up from insertion point" didn't work properly. Fixed.

25 April 2011: Rewrote the script. Functionally it's exactly the same as the first version, but this version uses a more clever way to find which button was pressed. In addition, a cosmetic change: the items on the first line are now properly aligned.

11 December 2010: Posted.

Show script (right click, Save Link/Target As to download)

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