Footnote–endnote conversion

Three scripts to convert InDesign's footnotes and endnotes. These work only in CC2018 and later. One script to convert footnotes to endnotes, the second, endnotes to footnotes, the third, endnotes to static endnotes.


The scripts have no interface. Open a document and run one. Before running the footnote to endnote converter, select the scope of the endnotes (story or document) in the document's endnote options (Type > Document Endnote Options).

Version history

6 Mar. 2018: end_to_foot_CC2018.jsx sometimes crashed InDesign. Fixed (probably).

21 Oct. 2018: Posted.

Convert footnotes to endnotes

Convert endnotes to footnotes

Convert endnotes to static endnotes

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Installing and running scripts

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