Convert endnotes to footnotes

The script converts endnotes to footnotes. When you run it, the following window is displayed:

convert endnotes to footnotes

Select the paragraph style used for the notes and the character style used for the note references and click OK to start the conversion. If everything goes well, your endnotes appear as true InDesign footnotes. But it may not be such plain sailing, and you may therefore have to fiddle a bit with your document.

Preparing a document

The endnote references must be in a character style which is used for nothing else. That's what the script needs to find the references: just 'superscripted numbers' isn't enough.

The endnotes must be in their own paragraph style, and this one too mustn't be used for anything else.


When the notes and their references are in their own styles, run the script. It first performs the most basic of tests, namely, to check that there are as many references as there are notes. If this check fails the script will tell you and quit. It's now up to you to fix the notes or the references, or indeed both. When you've fixed this problem, run the script again.

Formatting the converted footnotes

The script sets the paragraph style and the character style of the notes in the Footnote Options window. In that window you can set all the other options that determine the appearance of the footnotes.

Continuing problems

If you're stuck with problems converting your endnotes to footnotes, I'll convert your document for a fee. My address is at the foot of this page.

Version history

18 Dec. 2012: The script now converts paragraph numbers to plain numbers if necessary.

12 Nov. 2012: posted

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