Delete references to linked tagged text files

InDesign 3 and earlier always create a link when you place tagged-text files. When you open such legacy documents and don't have access to the linked files, InDesign gives an error message. Pretty annoying. The script can be used to delete such links.


The script works on INX files, so first you need to convert the InDesign documents to INX. You can do that with the batch converter available here.

Place all the INX files that need to be purged in a separate folder, then run the script. The dialog has just one field, namely, one where you enter the folder. Any format can be used: platform-neutral (/d/books/) or platform-specific (Windows d:\books\). Type * in the field to pick a folder from a folder tree. The INX files are replaced: copies aren't kept.

Show script (right click, Save Link/Target As to download)

Installing and running scripts

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