Batch export/convert documents

The script can be used to batch-convert files from one format to another, including InDesign to InDesign to update files from one version to a newer one, e.g. from ID3 to ID4. For all formats, see the screen shots.


With no documents open, the script displays the dialog shown in the first screen shot. At 'Folder' you enter the folder where the files are that you want to convert; to browse to a folder, type an asterisk (*) and press Enter/Return. To type a folder name, use the platform-neutral format ( /d/books/ ) or any of the platform-specific forms (such as d:\books\ on Windows).

The remaining options will be clear: tick 'Include subfolders' to include all subfolders of the selected folder; tick 'Ignore errors' to ignore errors such as missing fonts and missing links; pick source and destination formats at 'Source' and 'Destination'; if converting to PDF, a preset can be selected at 'PDF presets. The converted files are placed in the same folder as the source files.

batch convert export InDesign PDF INX EPS RTF

Instead of choosing a folder to select files to convert, you can also convert the currently open documents. If any documents are open, the script displays this dialog:

batch convert and export InDesign PDF INX

The dialog looks a bit different, but otherwise the script works the same.

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